Here’s A Sneak Preview of What You’ll Get on AA Plus

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AA Classes

Every month, you’ll get access to 8 succinct, bite sized lessons that delved into the monthly theme. They are designed to be compact, to the point and perfect for the busy Muslimah. Here’s a sample lesson from July’s theme of Positivity:

In Good Company Podcast

This is the space where I get to sit down with an inspiring individual every month, and together, you and I will get to soak in all kinds of inspiring goodness and valuable life lessons through a candid and unscripted conversation. This is a sneak of an episode I did with Iman Azman, a Malaysian Social Media “Influencer”, writer and producer, who also co-hosts her own Podcast Series called “Weird and Beautiful” on DOPSTV.


Love Letter Plus

I write 2 more bonus love letters for the AA Plus Community and this is where I get to be a bit more raw with my writings. Here’s the first Love Letter Plus that I wrote back in July ‘19.

Screenshot 2019-09-10 at 11.21.04 AM.png

Staying Small,
Staying Sane

“When I choose to stay small, I choose myself over what society expects of me, and therefore, I stay sane.”

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The AA Plus Community

Our Secret FB Group is the heart of AA Plus - it’s where you’ll get to interact, connect and meet other like-minded Sisters who are also on this journey with you! It’s where we discuss our Book of the Month (we have our own book club!), it’s where I get to hang out with you on FB Live (think of it like a virtual Open Session / Halaqah!), it’s where we discuss and share opinions about our monthly lessons, and so much more!


What The Girls Are Saying

Before joining AA Plus, I felt like I was in a dark place. I was so pessimistic. I felt so alone and my relationship with Allah was fluctuating. However, Allah blessed me with AA Plus and through the lessons gave me all the realization that I needed to be better, Alhamdulillah.
— Hana
I find all the sharing, tips, advises on AA Plus very inspiring and applicable. I listen to the content as I do my work and finish my chores and it makes me feel continously motivated. There are so many good takeaways from the lessons too - good job Aida with coming up with such rich content!
— Sakinah
I’m in love with all the content and am going around convinving all my buddies to join!
— shameema

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