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It's Always For & About You

Every waking minute for us at AA is spent trying to find the answer to this one all-important question - "how do we make the lives of the Sisters we serve, better?" You are at the very core of the work we do at AA and this is not just a job for us - it is our legacy, our life's purpose. 


We Give Our All
Always, in All-Ways


We believe in hard work and pride ourselves in always giving our bestest because the ladies that we serve are not merely customers with ticket numbers. She is a passionate human soul, with real dreams and aspirations. Most of all, she is Allah's - and so she deserves only the best.  


We Are A Business

We’re really blessed + proud to run our own company that creates and sells online courses that are designed with the Modern Muslimah in mind.

We want to give every Sister the opportunity to pursue knowledge and hone valuable skills that will, In Sha Allah, equip them to manoeuvre the long but fulfilling journey of self-betterment.

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Which Is How 99%
Of Our Stuff Stays Free


We are super-big on sharing awe-inspiring content to our 160,000 strong community. We pour a whole lot of sweat and time into it and we are committed to keeping it ad + sponsor free. With that in mind, please understand when we do highlight our paid offerings as these enables us to feed our families, pay the bills and allow us to keep producing and sharing our work to the rest of the world, completely free.


We Champion Sisterhood 


We have seen the magic that happens when like-minded and kind-hearted Sisters come together, which is why we are proud advocates of building a solid community. Individually, we all can do amazing things, but together - we'd be unstoppable!


So If You Believe
In Our Mission...


... we'd love for you to join us!

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