The Extra Mile

There has been a lot written about how one can make money easily just by (insert any random online gimmick) or how one can enjoy a no-sweat, 4 hour work-week, and still afford a lavish lifestyle. And every time I come across these articles/stories, I cringe. Even if these tales of success are remotely true, and you do get immensely rich, I see no joy in reaching success if these friends of mine – “hard work”, “commitment”, “discipline”, “faith” and “patience” - are not present.

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Taking Care of "I"

I also know many among us that loves to help. Many among us who wish to inspire and encourage others. But we cannot help anyone, if we don’t take care of ourselves first. We can’t give, if we are not whole ourselves first. Think about this.

Why do you think airline safety videos always tells us to put the oxygen mask for ourselves first before helping others? Because we cant help, if we ourselves are not okay.


Happy to not be rich

I was belting out to the classic Hall and Oates Song “Rich Girl” while working today in my studio and remembered thinking, “Ma Sha Allah, Im so happy I’m not rich”. That thought lingered throughout my entire day so I decided to sit down and take the time to muse about it longer, and to sort my thoughts out by writing down why I’m grateful for what I have and not a single dollar more.


loving for his sake

As I grew older, my group of friends have definitely shrunk. There are many whom I have lost touch with and a few whom I have just stopped talking altogether due to many, many reasons of which the one most common justification from both sides is being waved over by the "busy-ness" of life and some, well, simply because we have outgrown each other... 


a marriage tip

If there is one thing that K and I are not, it's romantic. We are not the "gaze into each other's eyes" nor the "You are my entire world" kind. If anything, we are two individuals who are the bestest of friends who wants the best for each other and who simply love one another for Allah's sake. Through Allah's blessings and Rahmah, we have managed to live rather harmoniously, despite the fact that we are polar opposites (K is a silent observer, I love to discuss and collaborate. K loves to stay in one place, I love to travel).


being childless

This is an extremely personal topic for me to write. 

K and I have been married for more than two years now and I don't know how many times people have asked, "So, no mini Aida and Karim yet"?

My responses to the question has ranged from politely saying "Pray for us, Soon In Sha Allah" to being mildly annoyed "It's not easy you know! It's not like you can buy them from Carrefour or something."


life is a short dance

There's a kind of foolishness or naivety that the youth possess, whereby the concept of death seems comepletely foreign, and immortality is something that doesn't seem impossible. So we live our days thinking that there's a million tomorrows, and we make plans so grand that it nudges and neglects the now. But before we know it, the hands of Death will subtly caress us and it sneaks up on us so fast, that there's nothing we can do but to submit. 


don't rely on...

When I started this entry, I did not know what I was going to write. I had no plan, no drafts, I was waiting for Miss Inspiration. But she is pretty elusive - she comes as and when she wants, and is usually no where to be found when you really do need her. Sometimes, out of no where, she might just barge into your room, demanding your complete attention, pouring out a million and one beautiful things, all at once and you got to remind yourself to keep up, to soak it all in, because God knows when she will greet you next. 


the blue city

Over the past weekend, I took a little break and headed over to Chefchouen, or what most people would endearingly remember as "The Blue City". It was my first time travelling without K, so that in itself was something very exciting yet equally frightening for me. I welcomed the solitude but was dreading the cold and even as I packed my bags, I was hesitating to leave and questioning if I should go ahead as planned. 

But I was glad I did, Alhamdulillah.



I love listening to Qasidahs (my favourite is Qamarun by Mostafa Atef) but I run blasting Hip Hop Instrumentals (my favourite is Odissee). I don't want to consume and participate in consumerism but yet I sell stuff and I'm ecstatic when girls buy from TSL (I sometimes refuse to sell my stuff to Sisters I personally know who are trying really hard to save money and have been told that I'm a lousy businesswoman.)