The Crowning Venture

by Hafiza Saadia Mian



This is a book filled with gems and inspirations from women who have memorised the Quran and it was definitely an angle that I wanted to explore more on in the context of having love for the Quran - a theme that this book beautifully captures!

by Aida Azlin


Salam ladies! You must have seen the introduction email I sent out yesterday about this month's theme on Love, and I am SO SO SO SO PSYCHED to reveal October's B.O.T.M because it's a book filled with gems and inspirations from women who have memorised the Quran!

I definitely wanted to talk about Love, in the context of having love for the Quran, and I believe this book beautifully captures that.

We will start the discussion on the book proper soon, but today, I just want to introduce to you my Mom and my late Grandma, both of whom have played such an integral role in sowing the seed of love of the Quran in me ever since I was a little child. Every huruf that I am able to read is because of these two amazing ladies, and I only pray that I can get to continue their legacy, In Sha Allah, Amin!

I urge you ladies, to get this book so we can discuss it together and while you are at it, share with me who have played a significant role in introducing you to the Quran? I'd love to know!

Chapter 1: My Venture
by Ida Ali

Assalammualaikum ladies! I’m really excited to start on this book’s journey with you because when I first started reading it, the first chapter moved me deeply that I told Aida to consider this book for her future BOTM!

One section, in particular, struck a chord with me - The Day I Got Stuck on Page 20. The author shared the experience of the respected Dr. Anse Tamara who got stuck on a verse touching on Hajj. She went back and forth THREE times to her teacher to review the verse but she just couldn’t memorise it. In desperation, she said, “Ok Ya Rabb! I intend to make Hajj!” and you guess it, she finally completed her page.

This story reminded the author of her own personal experience with getting stuck. If she find that she has difficulty with a particular verse, she went back to see what topic the verse is about and she could relate it to an issue she was facing in her life.

And that’s the same for me too! I was having a hard time memorising one of the shortest surahs in the Quran. But when I reviewed the topic of the verse, I knew right away why I was struggling and I made Dua that Allah relieve me of the struggle.

Have you encountered getting stuck before? Did you check if it is something you are personally struggling with? Share your experience below!

May we always find comfort and solution in the pages of the book of Allah Amin!


Time and Love - if you don't have one, you can't have the other
by Aida Azlin


Salam ladies, so I'm really, really loving the book of the month for October (try to get it / loan it from the library if you can, ok?) and there was a part very early on (Pg 9) where the writer, Sister Saadia, wrote about her experience in Damascus, Syria where she embarked on undertaking an ijaza on Tajwid:

I spent every waking moment either reading the Quran, thinking about Quran, or practicing the letters of the Quran. I ate, slept, lived and breathed the Quran duing those beautiful days of learning. There was something so exhilarating and yet relaxing about reciting Quran out loud, it did not matter that I could not understand every word. It filled me and nourished me.

It made me think of how the writer's initial love for the Quran grew because she spent so much time with the Holy book, and it made me think about the relationship between "time" and "love" - if we really do love something / someone, we will dedicate our time on it and put them as priority right?

Unfortunately, this is sometimes not carry out in action. I say I love to read, but how much time have I spent reading this week? (#embarrassed) We say we love Him, but how much time have set aside to have quality time with Him? I read this quote that was such a slap to my face and I wanted to share it with you,

"It’s not that you don’t have enough time, you just don’t have clear priorities"


What do you guys think? Agree / disagree / thoughts? Share with me!

Behind The Scenes
by Aida Azlin

Salam ladies! I was reading our BOTM when I came across this excerpt that made me miss Ida Ali a lot today.

The writer wrote (about her experience in Syria, where she stayed to study the Quran),

“In this magical place there were people whose job is to take care of all our needs so we could focus on the Quran. At 3.30 a smiling woman carrying a tray of Nescafe and cookies woke me for tahajjud. Food was provided, the house was cleaned, and the details of life were tended to so that all of us could be successful with the Quran.”

Everybody sees all the influencers and the public speakers and famous personalities, but not a lot of people know of the individuals who serve behind the scenes.

I took a shot of Ida helping me with my shawl on one of our last few days in Seoul because I trust only her to fix my shawl (aka my crown), just like how I only trust her with some of my most important things in life. She does many things for me and the AA Community, on the low, never expecting anything in return and yet her service is what I would define as one of the most purest forms of love 💓.

Just like the ladies who help the writer out with the daily chores so she can focus on her Quran memorisation, there are many others who selflessly and tirelessly work behind the scenes (like the wives of the most beloved scholars of our time for example!) so that we can get to do the work we do. Share with me about a person in your life who’s similar! And don’t forget to thank them for their sacrifices too!

Ida Ali, I love you!