In Good Company


A long-form podcast series where I will interview
an inspiring and interesting individual or pairings every month!
Completely unscripted, I hope that the episodes will make
you feel that you are a part of the conversation too!


I sat down with my father in law, or Baba as I fondly call him, to speak to him about his decision to move to the UK at 18, his determination to work for himself, his arranged marriage, and how his identity as a Muslim has taught him to always be grateful and positive!


I totally lucked out when the 3 Sisters who run Cala Qisya agreed to have a sit down conference call with me to speak about everything fashion, “fame” and most importantly, faith. Honestly, one of the most laid-back but super inspiring conversation I’ve had in a while!


I’m delighted to have one of my very good friends, Sarina Iskandar, in this episode as we talk about so many things under the sun - from her being a writer, to boys, to mental health, and of course, about what it’s like being a legit, real-life princess! Lots of gems were shared in this episode, in between bouts of laughter and silly candidness.


Boy did I laugh so much in this episode with one of my good friend, Nursyazanna Syaira, or aka Mrs Fluff! An incredibly candid, but honest and vulnerable conversation with a lady I highly respect - not just for her undeniable success with Fluff but also through her ability to be 100% herself, especially in a world that likes to dictate what we should or should not do. An incredibly refreshing conversation!


When I found out that Ibrahim Tahir, the owner of Wardah Books had said “yes” to being interviewed for I.G.C, it felt like I’ve struck gold! I’ve always been a huge fan of the specialist bookstore so I was super excited to speak to, and pick the brain of, it’s chief book-curator. PS: By far, one of the best conversations I’ve had in my life! I learned so much, and so will you, In Sha Allah!