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Mostly written while the author was travelling, living and studying in Malaysia, South Africa and Yemen, the essays are really vehicles for her reflections on life lived in awareness of and gratitude to Allah SWT. Heartfelt, sincere, and with touches of self-deprecating humour, this collection is as much welcomed for its candour about the challenges of a modern-day Muslimah as for the rarity of this glimpse of life that the essayist has documented with both grace and wit.
- Wardah Books

What The Ladies Are Saying

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I cannot put this book down! I might just finish reading it within hours. Yet again, sister Fadhilah Wahid's writing never fails to inspire. Everyone needs to read this book!
- @keeperofthearth

I am glad I purchased your book. I have been having some heavy thoughts in my head for some time and I just took your book, just the introduction itself made so much sense to me, and helped me understand the error in the way I was thinking. So thank you, for making me feel lighter tonight, subhanAllah.
- @maya.tulips

You capture the beauty of Islam and the journey to Allah so wonderfully. I love your book so much, and I am not even done yet, but I love it alhamdulillah. Thank you for writing pure love. I can tell you write from the heart and each word enters mine. Your book is so amazing, and I say it cos I mean it. The language is also easy to understand. I believe it can help uplift a lot of people out there, too.
- @sarinaiskandar

I just want to say this book is mashaAllah. There's a lot of tears (because the letters touched my heart) and a lot of favourites too. The ones which I am going through myself personally hit me right in the heart. So thank you, for producing this book and sharing with us all your experiences in this Path. That you for giving this soul hope and inspiration. You've made a soul (and I'm sure other readers who bought this book as well) happy. And may Allah SWT reward you for that.
- Diyanah

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