AA Love Letters Plus

-a space where I bare it all-



Staying Small,

Staying Sane

Love Letter Plus #1 - 10 July 2019

“When I choose to stay small, I choose myself over what society expects of me, and therefore, I stay sane.”

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When It Gets
Too Heavy

Love Letter Plus #2 - 27 July 2019

“Letting things go does not mean you are giving up. Letting things go means you are making space for better things to come.”

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Left alone,
She Flourished

Love Letter Plus #3 - 10 August 2019

“It's only after we understand that separations are also a part of Allah's perfect plan for us, can we then unshackle ourselves from our unhealthy attachment of this Dunia, and all that it contains.”

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Always, All Ways:
He Protects

Love Letter Plus #4 - 28 August 2019

“Sometimes, the biggest protection that Allah can give us, is the protection against ourselves, from our desires, and from our nafs.”

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I think it’s time we talk about this

Love Letter Plus #5 - 10 September 2019

“A lot of us, myself included, forget that we come from a place of privilege. And the dangerous thing is that, privilege is invisible to those of us who have it.”

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Even in Death

Love Letter #6 - 27 September 2019

"I have no idea who she is, but one thing is for sure: she must have done a lot of things right during her lifetime for Allah to continue giving her good things, even after she has left this earth."

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We were born to be real,
not perfect.

Love Letter #7 - 11 October

Repairing my Self-Esteem started when I muted down everyone's voices, including my own, and only listened to what Allah, my Creator, says about me.

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