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I get quite a number of emails and messages asking me business related questions on a daily basis, and I love getting these questions (because it shows that we Sisters are hustlers! and creatives! and courageous!) but I barely have enough time to go in depth when I reply these messages, which makes me sad, because there's a lot more that I can explain / give examples / tell when given the chance to speak to you for 60 minutes, uninterrupted.


The consultation is a private, one on one, hour long session via a Skype / Whatsapp Call. A call, rather than emails or messages, allows the flexibility, the spontaneity and the intimacy that I'd like us to have when discussing your business (aka your baby).

These sessions are not limited to a particular theme or topic as I know some of you need more help in one particular area over the other. Some of you may need help in branding, some of you on Social Media, others on logistics, or websites + e-commerce, whatever it is, I'm here and I promise I'll do my best to help out in any way possible. 


Come to the session with a list of questions, and we'll tackle them, together. Whatever your concerns are, the point of this session is for me to sit down with you and try to work on these issues hand in hand with you. Me coming with my experience, and you coming with your passion and direction of your brand. 

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The one on one consultation was so enriching and valuable to me! Not only did Aida give tips but she gave honest feedback if certain   things that I do will or will not work. I like the fact that it was personal and the vibes that Aida gave was positive. Aida made sure all my questions were answered and was always thinking of the bigger picture (something that I do not think I can do alone). She shared strategies and motivated the things that I thought I was not able to do. This consultation has benefited me to the start up of my programme/business. In Shaa Allah.  
Liyana R.

MashaAllah. Aida was so chill & humble. I am really thankful to have met you & given this opportunity to learn from you. I've got lots of "homework" to work on and to do after meeting Aida, and her inputs are insightful for a new biz-noobie like me! - Farhana