The Open Session @ London

(co hosted by Aida Azlin + Sarina Iskandar)



It is with a happy heart that I’m inviting you to an Open Session in London, on the 1st of December (Saturday) at 1 PM with my good friend, Sarina Iskandar, In Sha Allah. I hope you ladies that are nearby could swing by!
— A

I started The Open Sessions with the intention to create a safe, cosy space for lovely, like-minded Sisters (like yourself) to gather, and to start an open conversation on things that we might not usually take time to ponder upon or talk about. 

It is a small gathering for the big-hearted
and the sessions are between 1-2 hours long.

I love doing these Open Sessions because I realised that when Sisters come together in a safe, non-judgemental environment and where the sharing of reflections and asking questions are actually encouraged, beautiful and magical things happen :).




The Open Session will be held at Sister Ayne’s home at Tottenham Hale (Victoria Line, Zone 3) London and will be from 1-3 PM, and I can't wait to meet you ladies there on the 1st, In Sha Allah!

The Open Sessions are meant to be cosy, so we will close at 20 participants. It is also a free event, but we will be taking a £10 deposit that will be fully refunded on the day if you attend. (This will allow us to better manage the logistics of the day and to ensure commitment).