The Open Session:
Singapore Edition


If you guys have been following me on my IG...

... you would know that I've been hosting The Open Sessions weekly, in my home in Tangier.

These Open Sessions are an opportunity to meet Sisters (like yourself) and to start an open conversation on things that we might not usually talk about. It is a small gathering for the big-hearted and the sessions are between 1-2 hours long.

I love doing these Open Sessions because I realised that when Sisters come together in a safe, non-judgemental environment and where the sharing of reflections and asking questions are actually encouraged, beautiful and magical things happen :).

It is with a happy heart that I will be hosting two Open Sessions in Singapore, on the 11th of February (Sunday), and I hope you ladies will join us!


There will be two Sessions happening on the 11th of February (Sunday), In Sha Allah, at two separate locations with different topics and depending on your availability and preference, we hope you'll be able to come for one of the Sessions, In Sha Allah!

The Open Sessions are also meant to be cosy, so we will close at 10 participants for the 1st Session and 30 participants for the 2nd Session. It is also a free event, but we will be taking a $10 deposit that will be fully refunded on the day if you attend. (This will allow us to better manage the logistics of the day and to ensure commitment).


Session 1:

chuttersnap-473298 copy.jpg

Flipping Your Worldview:
Maintaining Positivity in Adversity

11th Feb | 11.30 AM - 1.30 PM | @ Bukit Panjang,

Session 2:

chuttersnap-160960 copy.jpg

A Test of Sincerity:
Loving For The Sake of Allah

11th Feb | 5PM - 7PM | @ 36A Bussorah Street