What Exactly Is The Photoshop Workshop Digital Class?

The Photoshop Workshop (TPW) is a Digital Course that will cover just about everything you need to know to be proficient at Photoshop, In Sha Allah! From learning how to make your own Art Prints, to editing photographs worthy to be on the cover of a Magazine, to designing marketing collaterals for your brand, we will cover the essentials needed to pump up your design game!

Using Videos as our chosen teaching medium, each session will span over 30-45 minutes, with clear and in depth instructions. We will also be sharing the exact files / images / art works that we will be using for our Demo to you so you can have a go at it while you stream our classes on your devices.

(This the last time we will be offering The Photoshop Class and slots are limited as we offer support and help at every step of the way throughout the course, giving each participant undivided attention *pinkie promise*!)


Because we know the best way to be super awesome at Photoshop is to simply just practice, practice, practice, we also have clear actionable goals / practice assignments accompanying each session.

We will also have email support throughout the entire duration of the course, so if you have any questions at all, our team will be more than happy to guide you through. Or if you want to share some of your creations with us, wowzeeee, that'd be awesome too!



Why You
Need It?


Have you ever came across really beautiful designs or images that are so breath-taking that it made you feel, something? That made you feel curious, or made you want to learn more about the person / brand behind the artwork?

That made you care.

This, is good design at work.

And we cannot stress how important and how much of an impact it can make in your life - be it in your business, your projects or your work.

Having a visual that is authentically stunning, and speaks straight to the heart, could be one of the biggest difference that separates a brand that people actually care about to an organisation that leaves no impression as they prefer to keep churning boring, "soul-less" templates. 

Good design is like air - it is invisble yet extremely necessary as it helps convey your ideas, philosophies and beliefs efficiently, succintly and beautifully.


And the best part is, you can create it. And if you know how to use the right tools, you can also do it amazingly well.

When you learn how to use Photoshop, it will open countless of opportunities for you to create splendid and captivating designs. It will also be a creative outlet for you to express all of your ideas and messages into wonderful visual elements and eliminating any need for you to have to hire designers (and spend an obscene amount of money) who probably don't have any clue about your brand or care about your work enough to put a dash of personality or character to it that only you can add.

Learning Photoshop has been by far one of the most important skills I've picked up that not only benefits my business but my personal life. Designing a personalised print or gift for a loved one, or planning menu/printables for a small get-together that I'm throwing is so much easier now, and it really does make a huge difference! I've learned never to underestimate and stinge on good design. -A


The Syllabus

Video 1-4 will cover the basics of Graphic Design while Video 5-8 will focus on Image Editing. 

Here is the breakdown for The Photoshop Course: 

Video 1

  • Getting to know the Photoshop Interface
  • How To Create A New Document
  • How To Save Your Work
  • The Difference Between Designing for Web & Print
  • What you need to know about "Layers"
  • Important Shortcuts
  • The most important key that will save you from "Photoshop Hell"

*Practice Assignment: Familiarising yourself with PS + Play Around With Important Tools

Video 2

  • How to add Text + Colour to Photoshop Document
  • How to use the Colour Picker
  • How To Use The Magic Wand Tool
  • How to add shapes
  • How to add / use Vectors to Photoshop Document
  • BONUS: The importance of good typography + Aida shares 10 of her favourite fonts  

*Practice Assignment: Design your own FB Cover

Video 3

download (2).png
  • How To Insert Images Into Text (ref to #1)
  • How To Rasterize Layers + Use Clipping Mask (ref to #2)
  • How To Use Patterns (ref to #3)
  • How To Use Photoshop Brushes (ref to #4)

*Practice Assignment: Designing you own Poster / Art Print using the tools you've learned so far! 

download (3).png

Video 4

  • Design Your Own Logo (If you don't have a brand, create a make-believe one, it will be fun!)
  • How To Use Mock-Ups (like image above)

*Practice Assignment: Presenting what you have designed on a Mock-Up

Video 5

How To Edit Photos on Photoshop:

  • How To Resize Images  
  • How To Colour Edit
  • How To Adjust Saturation
  • How To Adjust Contrast
  • How To Crop + Re-Align + Flip Images
  • How To Adjust Colour Temperature

*Practice Assignment: Edit 3 Images of your choice using these tools.


Video 6

  • How To Batch Edit (Editing more than one image at a go)
  • How to Use Actions (The Secret Sauce To Making Your Images Look Amazing) 
  • BONUS: Aida shares her favourite Actions that she uses to edit her photos 

*Practice Assignment: Edit 20 Images at a go using Batch Edit + Action and uploading them as an album on your FB

Video 7

How To Get A Professional Looking Image With Photoshop:

  • How To Retouch Your Images To Remove Unsightly + Unnecessary Marks Using The Clone Stamp Tool
  • How To Change The Background of Your Image To White (Or Any Other Colour of your Choice!)

*Practice Assignment: Edit a self-portrait / portrait of your choice. 

download (4).png

Video 8

  • How To Use / Create A Collage / Moodboard (like above Image)

*Practice Assignment: Design a final Art Work that best represents you / your brand / your passion project. It could have a fusion of Typography + Image, it could be a Photo or it could be purely Graphics. Use all the tools you have learned from the past 8 lessons to create something beautiful



Bonus Videos











Required Materials

All you need is a working laptop / desktop (no it doesn't have to be a Mac) and Adobe Photoshop CS5 and above installed. If you do not have Photoshop currently installed on your computer, you can download the free Trial Version here!



What The Girls Are Saying

"Thank you for being a wonderful teacher. You didnt know how much your lessons have empowered a work-at-home mother like me. I appreciate that the tutorials are convenient for me to pause/play/repeat at my own pace. Most importantly, Im now able to start making books for my little ones merely by using photoshop."


“I’ve been genuinely enjoying the photoshop class so far and I even watch it in between my classes in which I’ve learned SO much about photoshop that my school did not expose me to! Some of the tips you mentioned are also highlighted in my exams & I am so grateful to you and Allah for bringing this class to sisters like us! I never thought I could create so much from photoshop but thank you for guiding me through it with your easy-to-follow classes. You have no idea how excited I am when I produced an artwork from photoshop and see my younger sister have it set as her phone wallpaper! 

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Aida!”


"Your videos and illustrations are simple, clean and easy to follow. I love that I can save the videos so I can go back to it anytime I need to. And needless to say, you’re so well equipped and efficient, and packed some ‘freebies’ for your students to practise too. Thank you for your patience dear Aida.”


"Alhamdulilah, I’m done with all 8 videos of the Photoshop Workshop. I felt that it went by so fast and I totally enjoyed gaining insights from you! The workshop was easy to understand and I really wanted to thank you for that!"


"Thank you so much for conducting it and imparting your knowledge/skills with us. I’ve always wanted to learn Photoshop from someone like you. Alhamdulillah, I’ve learnt so much & truly enjoyed it! Looking forward to more beneficial classes from TSL, In Sha Allah."


"Masya Allah, truly, you can do so much with Photoshop. Thank you for opening up this Photoshop class to educate girls like me, girls who go about admiring people’s designs on Tumblr and Pinterest, and wishing we can create such beautiful pieces ourselves. May Allah bless you bountifully for your hard work and ease your path to Jannah.”


"Photoshop is so useful masyallah! I keep telling myself how come I didn’t do this sooner!!! Often I ask myself, what can I do further with this photoshop feature. Or when I see a beautiful poster, I’ll ask myself how is this achievable using photoshop? The possibilities are limitless. Alhamdulilah some of my colleagues noticed my work and have begun to ask me to do some design work which is fantastic!”