The Photoshop x Instagram Workshop
For The Modern Muslimah


You’ll learn more than just design know-how,
but also skills that will change your life, In Sha Allah!
— A


Whether we like it or not, design and Social Media are a huge part of our lives. As a modern Muslimah myself (as "cringe-y" as this term might be), I am constantly using both Photoshop and Instagram for my business and my personal life. And I've learned for a while now, that there's actually a way that we can utilize and maximise these tools for the betterment of our lives, instead of it being a distraction or a hindrance - and I'm excited more than ever, to share, and show you how. 

I'm also a huge believer that we should never stop pursuing growth. Which is why we should never remain idle and hide behind the excuse of "I'm too busy / too old / (insert any weak justification here)" when it comes to picking up a new skill or two.

The Photoshop + Instagram Workshop for The Modern Muslimah is then a perfect opportunity to not only master essential design and tech savviness but also how to gracefully balance between the online and offline world - a challenge that I once experienced, but now have made it work to my advantage, Alhamdulillah.


But Why Photoshop & Instagram?


Photoshop has always been my #1 go to design software for everything in my life. It's a skill that has benefitted me in numerous ways and it is one of my goals to teach as many modern Muslimahs like yourself, to not just work the software, but be super proficient in it.

Just a few examples of what you can do with Photoshop:

  • Your own Name Cards / Logo for your Business

  • Your own Wedding Invites

  • Visual learning cards for your children 

  • Marketing Collaterals for your Vlogs / Podcasts / Blogs

  • Event Posters for the Charity Drive you are organising

  • Birthday / "Get-Well Soon" Cards for Friends

  • Beautiful Presentation Decks for your next meeting

  • Planners / Calendars

  • Bookmarks

Instagram, on the other hand, is then my #1 Social Media platform hands down. It has been the platform I use to share just about everything:

  • share updates on Open Sessions, workshops and events I'm hosting
  • sharing personal momentos like useful books I've been reading 
  • It has also been invaluable in allowing me to meet like-minded Sisters from all over the world
  • To grow and engage with my small little community.
  • And most importantly, it has allowed me to build trust within my community

The Best Part Is, You Can Do It Too

There are literally MILLIONS of examples, and things that you can use Photoshop and Instagram for. And the best part is, you can do this too. It may be overwhelming in the beginning, but we will take you by the hand and guide you step by step in this Workshop!


Combining both Photoshop and Instagram for this workshop was a no-brainer for me: they are both equally important in my work and in my personal development but the bigger question remains - how do I strike a balance between being authentic and present while designing, and also while being on a social media platform that has gotten criticism and negativity as a "time-waster" and a breeding ground for shallow selfies? 

Which is why this workshop is so so timely and important. 

Because it not only aims to teach you important technicalities and design skills for both Photoshop and Instagram, but it will also delve deeper as to how to use the platform ethically and productively so that you are both producing AND consuming, stellar content that is good for your soul. 

Meet Your Instructor


Hi! I'm Aida and I've been happily "married" to Photoshop + Instagram for the past 7 years. 

But it hasn't always been the case though - I was extremely frustrated in the beginning. Especially when I was wasting so much time and effort trying to figure out how to work the Photoshop software and how to make Instagram a platform that I can contribute and gain value from.

It took a lot of trial and error, a lot of learning from the ground up and years of experiment until I've been able to use both Photoshop and Instagram proficiently so that it serves me both professionally and personally. 


What You Will Learn

The Photoshop + Instagram Workshop for The Modern Muslimah is an 4 weeks online workshop that will cover both the technical and "emotional" aspect of using Photoshop and Instagram.



Module 1  | 9 April | Monday
Getting to know the Photoshop Interface

  • How To Create A New Photoshop Document
  • The Difference Between Designing for Web & Print
  • All About Layers + Going through The Toolbar
  • Important Shortcuts To Help You With Your Workflow
  • Adding Texts + Basic / Custom Shape Tools
  • Saving Your Photoshop Document

Module 2 | 12 April | Thursday
Designing Your Own Poster / Art Print (Part 1)

  • How To Use Vectors + Graphics to Design Your Own Poster / Art Print (refer to above image)
  • How To Use Photoshop Brushes To Your Design
  • How To Use Clipping Mask To Create Cool Effects
  • Bonus: I share where I get all my resources for Photoshop


Module 3 | 16 April | Monday
Designing Your Own Poster / Art Print (Part 2)

  • How And When To Use Layer Mask
    (making your own photoshop brushes from a photo,
    refer to above image)

  • All about Patterns and Seamless Patterns

  • Smart Objects, Mock Ups and Why It's Important


    Module 4 | 19 April | Thursday
    Editing Photos on Photoshop

    • How To Colour Edit, Adjust Saturation, Contrast
    • How To Batch Edit 
    • How to Use Actions (The Secret Sauce To Making Your Images Look Amazing) 
    • How To Retouch Your Images To Remove Unsightly + Unnecessary Marks Using The Clone Stamp Too



    Module 5  | 30 April | Monday
    Understanding How To Use IG The Right Way

    • Intentions of using Instagram
    • The importance of finding a balance between scheduling and "instant" posting
    • How To make IG work for you and your self-development
    • How to Curate the best follower / following list (to get real engagement)
    • How to celebrate the Everyday without over-glamourising and "faking" it 

    Module 6  | 3 May | Thursday
    Having an Authentic Visual Style for Your IG

    • Understanding the psychology + importance of having an authentic IG feed that best represents you

    • How to take better pictures with what the tools that you already have

    • How To Have A Collection of Images ready, even if you don't "go out much"

    • Writing better captions

    • How to be real and authentic without giving out too much of your personal life on IG

    • The Apps that Aida use for her IG Feed


    Module 7  | 7 May | Monday
    All about IG Stories + IG Highlights

    • The purpose and importance of IG Stories (and why you must use it)

    • How to have better "storytelling" for your IG stories (so that it doesnt annoy your followers) 

    • All of the Apps I use for my IG Stories
    • Why you should optimise your IG Highlights - and what exactly should you "highlight"

    Module 8  | 10 May | Thursday
    7 Daily IG Challenges

    • Working on 7 (Top Secret) Daily IG Challenges that will make your IG a productive and creative outlet instead of "stalking central"

    Total cost of workshop is $228, spread over three months
    (to pay in full, or for payment via ibanking or for previous photoshop course students, please email us at

    Enrol Now & Get These Bonuses For Free


    Bonus Videos + Templates:

    1. The importance of good typography & Aida shares 10 of her favourite fonts and where you can get them
    2. How to use 3rd party tools to design better visuals on Photoshop
      (polaroid / washi tape / mock ups)
    3. Templates for IG Stories / IG Quote Cards
    4. How to make your own Eid Packets
    5. 5 Instagram Tips For More Engagement
    6. A 1 Hour Group Q&A CALL With Aida (13th May)

    Total cost of workshop is $228, spread over three months
    (to pay in full, or for payment via ibanking or for previous photoshop course students, please email us at

    What The Girls Are Saying

    "Your videos and illustrations are simple, clean and easy to follow. I love that I can save the videos so I can go back to it anytime I need to. And needless to say, you’re so well equipped and efficient, and packed some ‘freebies’ for your students to practise too. Thank you for your patience dear Aida.”


    “I’ve been genuinely enjoying the photoshop class so far and I even watch it in between my classes in which I’ve learned SO much about photoshop that my school did not expose me to! Some of the tips you mentioned are also highlighted in my exams & I am so grateful to you and Allah for bringing this class to sisters like us! I never thought I could create so much from photoshop but thank you for guiding me through it with your easy-to-follow classes. You have no idea how excited I am when I produced an artwork from photoshop and see my younger sister have it set as her phone wallpaper! 

    Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Aida!”


    "Thank you for being a wonderful teacher. You didnt know how much your lessons have empowered a work-at-home mother like me. I appreciate that the tutorials are convenient for me to pause/play/repeat at my own pace. Most importantly, Im now able to start making books for my little ones merely by using photoshop."

    - FARR Z

    "Alhamdulilah, I’m done with all 8 videos of the Photoshop Workshop. I felt that it went by so fast and I totally enjoyed gaining insights from you! The workshop was easy to understand and I really wanted to thank you for that!"

    - SITI M D

    "Photoshop is so useful masyallah! I keep telling myself how come I didn’t do this sooner!!! Often I ask myself, what can I do further with this photoshop feature. Or when I see a beautiful poster, I’ll ask myself how is this achievable using photoshop? The possibilities are limitless. Alhamdulilah some of my colleagues noticed my work and have begun to ask me to do some design work which is fantastic!”

    - NUR ATH

    "Masya Allah, truly, you can do so much with Photoshop. Thank you for opening up this Photoshop class to educate girls like me, girls who go about admiring people’s designs on Tumblr and Pinterest, and wishing we can create such beautiful pieces ourselves. May Allah bless you bountifully for your hard work and ease your path to Jannah.”

    - DIL ISM

    I was a participant for the workshop last year and subhanAllah i can only say the course was like a blessing in disguise. I signed up for the course purely because I wanted to make pretty edits, posters and whatever else PS has to offer but with that decision, He somehow presented me an opportunity to make use of it, to reach out to the wider community in shaa Allah (i’m the Head of Outreach at my youth group) and have been putting this skill to the fullest potential. I’m still learning and I want to continue to learn but your workshop is truly beneficial :-) So I’ll give the credits where it is due, thank you so so much!

    - Syazwina

    Total cost of workshop is $228, spread over three months
    (to pay in full, or for payment via ibanking or for previous photoshop course students, please email us at


    100% Money Back Guarantee

    We believe that this course will add value to your life, so we are backing it with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. 

    Participate in up to the first two modules from the start of the program and if you no longer feel that it is right for you, send us an email. You have 7 days since the course start date to decide if you want to continue taking it - i.e. till 16 April.

    We’ll ask to see a rough photoshop draft to make sure you gave it a go, and ask what didn’t work for you so we can learn and improve. Once we receive that from your end, you’ll get a swift and complete refund.

    Total cost of workshop is $228, spread over three months
    (to pay in full, or for payment via ibanking or for previous photoshop course students, please email us at

    Ready To Invest In Yourself?


    We only open for registration once a year and we will close registration once class is full (the last Class got sold out in 3 days). All you need is a burning desire to learn, an internet connection, a working laptop / desktop, Adobe Photoshop CS5 and above installed and an Instagram account. If you do not have Photoshop currently installed on your computer, you can download the free Trial Version here!

    Total cost of workshop is $228, spread over three months
    (to pay in full, or for payment via ibanking or for previous photoshop course students, please email us at