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"For the longest time, the dream was to always serve Sisters the world over on a much deeper level. Which is why we take pride in creating heart-centered courses, tours and products that are 100% focused on empowering you, the Modern Muslimah. All of our offerings are thoughtfully designed with the sole intention to spur and equip you to be the best version of yourself, In Sha Allah."

- A

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Master Consistency, Master Your Life

The ultimate class for the Modern Muslimah who is ready to revolutionise her life by being unflinchingly consistent. This 20-part Online Course aims to show you the ropes on how to build better habits, fight the monsters of excuses, laziness and procrastination and firming up your Consistency muscle so that it will help improve all aspects of your life - spiritually, physically, mentally + emotionally!

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The Photoshop
x Instagram Workshop

The Photoshop + Instagram Workshop for The Modern Muslimah is an 4 weeks online workshop that will cover both the technical and "emotional" aspect of using Photoshop and Instagram. We, at Team AA, are constantly using both Photoshop and Instagram for our business and our personal lives. And we've learned for a while now, that there's actually a way that we can utilize and maximise these tools for the betterment of our lives, instead of it being a distraction or a hindrance - and we are excited more than ever, to share, and show you how. 



AA Takes
on Seoul

A tribute to Aida's most favourite City ever - Seoul. She goes back to it every year, staying for at least a month long, and she love it for many reasons, but predominantly because it's the City that has really pushed her to find herself. If you've always wanted to see Seoul as a Seoulite , and not like a tourist, (take the Metro, eat street food, shop at underground places and the whole she-bang) - this Tour is for you!



The Leader of The Women in Jannah

Sayyidatina Fatima al-Zahra: The Leader of the Women in Jannah is a 4 Weeks Online Class that aims to cover in depth the life and history of our Liege Lady (RA). The course is designed to help Sisters to draw parallels from her life to our day to day experiences and to highlight valuable lessons + gems of wisdom on how to strengthen our relationship with Allah through emulating Sayyidatina Fatima al-Zahra's virtues.



The Dream Dua Do Notebook

With it’s petite ‘super-bag-friendly’ A6 size, our #1 fav notebook still packs a whooping 384 pages. The DDD Notebook boasts a handsome hardcover with beautiful gold stamping. Pages on the left are plain (no lines!), while pages on the right are dotted. Aida goes nowhere without her DDD notebook - it houses her ideas, her to-do lists, her sketches and a million other things in between!