Lesson 14:
The Tasbih Fatimiyyah
+ Important Takeaways

(A Sneak Preview)


Lesson 14 Outline


The Story Of Tasbih Fatimiyyah

  • Lesson on Humility

  • Lesson on Shyness

  • Lesson on Obedience

  • Lesson on Selflessness

  • Rasulullah SAW's Counsels Are The Best Of Counsels

  • Always choosing the Akhirah Over The Dunia


To recite The Tasbih Fatimiyyah after every prayer
and also before we sleep - so 33x SubhanAllah,
33x Alhamdulillah and 34 x Allahu Akbar.
However, be 100% present, mindful, and purposeful,
when doing the zikir.

Plant the intention that by reciting this,
Allah SWT will make all of our affairs easy and
for Allah to pour blessings in our health,
our time and our energy, Amin!


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