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If you love and have found value from the Tuesday Love Letters, the Vlogs, the Podcasts, and all of the content we’ve been sharing, then you’ll love being a supporter too! Not only will you get exclusive content made just for you, you will also help us to continue serving our rapidly growing AA family - currently a community of 42,000 amazing Sisters!

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5 years ago when I first started on this journey, I had no idea that it would grow from a humble home business, into hiring a team of 5 with a thriving community of ladies of all ages, faiths and nationalities. The adventure has been one kind of a roller coaster, but throughout this whole process, my intention and my purpose has never changed - which is to serve and champion the Sisters in my community to relentlessly pursue self-betterment.


How Do We Serve?

We serve mainly through writing my Tuesday Love Letters, a weekly handcrafted newsletter where I share my reflections on life, love and faith, in the hopes that it will be a source of comfort and motivation for anyone who’d read them. I’ve been writing these letters consistently for more than 5 years, and Alhamdulillah, it has evolved from being just a personal musing, to a bridge that has helped connect and tighten our Sisterhood. In 2017, my team and I also started creating Video Journals - a powerful medium that has allowed me to share pertinent topics casually, and Alhamdulillah these Videos have also garnered a substantial following of it’s own. Throughout this whole period, we’ve also produced a Podcast series and organised countless of meet ups and open sessions in cities such as Singapore, KL, London and Tangier.

All of these have been made available to all, with no charge. And it will continue to stay free, for as long as we can sustain it, God willing.



My team and I are acutely aware that none of the things we have created would mean anything, if it’s not been for your continuous support. Time and time again, you - my wonderful AA Sisterhood - have proved to me that the world is generous and kind, and if we put in the hard work and genuinely care for our craft, there will be people out there who will believe in us enough to help us pursue our purpose.

I’m not being biased right now, but I truly have never seen a more positive, compassionate and generous community than the one we have with the AA family. I truly feel that we’ve built something incredibly special here, Alhamdulillah.

But…. it’s been challenging!

As the community grows in leaps and bounds, the expenses to keep AA running has increased to tens of thousands of dollars. Our team of 5 have also spent hundreds of hours writing, executing and editing all of the free content that we’ve been sharing, answering thousands of emails on a weekly basis, and managing the AA community.


Help Us, Help You

So we kept thinking, “how can we keep serving our ladies, without having to worry to meet ends meet? How can we make our content accessible and free to all (knowing for a fact that the majority of the Sisterhood are young students, the youngest being 12!) while still being able to cover our expenses and pay a fair wage to our team?”

And that’s when K came up with the idea: “if enough people contribute just $15 a month (the price of a single meal), we can continue focusing on creating quality content and make it free and accessible for all, In Sha Allah!”

But! This is not a donation. When K first came up with the idea, I was against it. After all, I don’t want ‘donations’. I’ve always taken pride in working hard, and I would never take anyone’s money, even if it’s just $15, unless I can provide them with even more value, and give back more than their money worth.


When You Become A
Sustaining Supporter



The Archives -
Where I “Bleed”

“The Archives” is a monthly letter written exclusively for our Sustaining Supporters. It’s a lot more raw, intimate, and in depth than the Tuesday Love Letters and it’ll be a space where I bare it all.

Every month on the 27th, I will send a special edition of “The Archives”, covering various topics that have stirred my heart. At the end of the year, all 12 editions will be compiled into an e-book and then shared with our Sustaining Supporters. If you’ve loved reading the Tuesday Love Letters, then In Sha Allah, you’ll appreciate reading ‘The Archives’ as well!


In Good Company -
Where Conversation Flows

“In Good Company” is a long-form podcast series where I will interview an inspiring and interesting individual every month.

It will be completely unscripted, and depending on how the conversation flows, it will also cover themes such as “braving the unknown”, “love and faith”, “regrets and failures” and so much more.

The aim is to let you feel that you are a part of the conversation with us, so that you get to enjoy the "good company” that I’m in too! Each episode drops on the 20th of the month, In Sha Allah.


The Monthly Edit -
Where I Goof

“The Monthly Edit” is a super fun email that I get to send to all of our Sustaining Supporters and where I can get to be, 100% myself! I will share all of the things that have tickled my fancy and will include sections such as: “books I binged”, “Muslim Meme of the Month”, my “High-Lows” (the best and the worst point of my month), photos that didn’t make it to the ‘gram - and many, many more!

The Monthly Edit will be an opportunity for me to let loose and share cool stuff, just like I would to my best girl-pal, and it will be in your inbox on the 10th of the month when you sign up as a supporter!

Think of it like a mini Netflix where every month, I’ll create new and exclusive content that’s only available to our Sustaining Supporters who are helping us keep the lights on and whose support helps keep our content free for the millions of people that it may reach. Truly, every penny will help, so if you’ve ever like one of my videos or found solace in one of my love letters, do consider joining us in building the future of #teamAA’


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The TL; DR Version

At the end of the day, my team and I just want to continue creating beneficial content for you and the AA community without the stress of constant financial worries. Every minute we spend thinking about finance, is a minute we don’t spend serving and creating. If you've ever enjoyed one of my love letters / videos and it has made an impact on you, consider helping us out for the cost of a decent meal a month.

Your support really, truly, matters.


(currently full, will OPEN registration SOON IN SHA ALLAH)

if at anytime you need to cancel,
you can do so in just a few clicks

Here’s How It Works




Which payment methods and credit cards do you accept and when will I be billed?
We accept all major credit / debit cards and you will be billed as soon as you become a sustaining supporter and every month after that.

What if I can’t commit and no longer want to be a sustaining supporter?
Then you can cancel your subscription anytime, simply by logging in to your account and deactivating your membership. (We’ll even guide you on this if you need help, no hard feelings!)

And with a hug and a prayer, we’ll say our goodbyes. *cue tears*

Is this a recurring subscription?
Yes! Just like how our content is consistent and recurring too. :P

What will the money be used for?
Glad you asked! Primarily to cover the business expenses such as Mailchimp, Google Drive, Memberful, Squarespace, Adobe, Final Cut Pro, Quickbooks, and many more. These services are vital for us to run AA, and cost us easily in the thousands. Anything extra will be used to cover the team’s wage and to get necessary resources for our content creation.

Get to know the team here.

Will you be adding more stuff to the monthly goodies for the Sustaining Supporters in the future?
YAS YAS YAS! In Sha Allah, if this goes well, and the number of our sustaining supporters grows, we want to include live events, webinars, mini courses and Classes in too! The more backers we have, the better equipped we will be to offer more good stuff every month.

If I become a Sustaining Supporter, can I crash at your place in Morocco?
Maybe :P

Let’s Continue Making An Impact

what the ladies are saying about the content we’ve been sharing for free

“It has not been even a year since I subscribed to your Love Letters. I cannot believe it because, Alhamdulillah, my life has changed so much for the better since then. I am so grateful that Allah continues to bring me closer to Him through your Love Letters, your videos, your classes, basically, everything you do.” - Karima

“I’m from the Philippines and every time I feel so down and it feels like no one’s there for me to cheer me up, I’ll just visit Youtube and binge on Aida’s videos. It has really helped me a lot. Knowing that there is a person who is ALWAYS reminding me over and over again about my DEEN and to Whom I really belong. Aida’s channel is my constant reminder.” - Fatma

“Your love letters help me get off from the most dangerous places that is inside my head. I start to believe and dream again”. - Nanda

“Last night I asked Allah to please help me. With His blessings, I got your email this morning and your words really really heal my unseen wounds”.
- Nurul

“I can finally understand why they say distance means nothing when love is everything. I’m so blessed to know all of the amazing ladies in the AA Sisterhood group!” - Sakinah

“I swear @aidaazlin_ is my biggest, most beneficial finding in 2018. All of her videos, writings, and love letters answer almost all of my life’s questions until now.” - Annisa

Be A Sustaining Supporter

(currently full, will OPEN registration SOON IN SHA ALLAH)

if at anytime you need to cancel,
you can do so in just a few clicks


Here’s A Gift For You

Thank you for stopping by and reading all the way through - I really do appreciate you giving us a chance! As a grateful gesture, I’ve compiled 12 of the most beloved love letters as chosen by the AA Sisterhood, and bounded them together in this e-book.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy it.