Take A Pause

18th FEB 2018 | 2.30 - 6.30 PM | AL QUDWAH ACADEMY


The Story:


A few weeks ago, Huda + Salma of Lully Selb, Asha of Asha & Co and I had this spontaneous idea of organising a cosy and intimate mini-retreat for ladies who have been struggling with some form of lethargy and tiredness, rendering us incapable to do anything, let alone do anything creative. We thought this was important to do because, to be honest, we ourselves, felt drained.

But we didn’t want to throw in the towel and admit defeat just yet.

So we huddled and came together to think of what are some of the ways we could release these sluggish vibes through using our hands, or how we could re-discover our creativity through using our hearts and how do we rejuvenate our minds by feeding our bodies - and that was how the essence of “Take A Pause: A Creative Retreat” came about.

The Retreat:

If you are in town this long CNY weekend, and you’d like to do something fun, creative and fulfilling - come join us in our mission to use our hands and hearts to break free from the confines of everyday routine. You’ll be joined by other like-minded sisters and we’ll have great food, amazing conversations, and we’ll create masterpieces so that hopefully, you’ll come out of the retreat feeling extremely pumped, but well rested!

The mini-retreat is a 4 Hour Long, intimate, hands on session that will be happening on the 18th of February (Sunday) from 2.30 - 6.30 PM at Al Qudwah Academy.  

Participants will go through 3 Sessions of various creative activities, and each session aims to address one of the 3 Core Themes of the Retreat: Release, Re-Discover and Rejuvenate.    


The process of mark-making is one that is highly personal and extremely relaxing and therapeutic. Which is why Huda + Salma of Lully Selb have chosen it as a means for you to explore your creativity.

Using different types of interesting tools, ink and paint, the art of mark-making will undoubtedly aid in releasing all of your fatigue and weariness, which hopefully, will give you space to embrace more creativity in your life. 

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Journalling may not sound very "creative", but regular writing helps in providing a safe, cathartic release for the stresses of your daily life. In this session, Aida will share some of her writing tips and show you how journalling may start off as you merely writing about something that seems dull on the surface but it can surely lead you to a spiderweb of other thoughts, ideas, and memories. Aida will also share how to build the habit of daily journalling and how it has helped her in her re-discovery of creative opportunities.


Being mindful of what’s on your plate can be a healthy and effective way to keep your energy and spirits up when routines get hectic and you're juggling with multiple responsibilities.

In this Rejuvenate session, Asha will be sharing her personal experiences in combating fatigue and negative emotions (such as feeling uninspired, anxiety) and helpful tips and tricks on preparing wholesome energy boosting meals that are not only simple to prepare but can be prepared ahead of time.

You will also take home a personalised mini rejuvenate action plan so that you can say goodbye to the stress and embrace the journey of eating mindfully for your body and soul right away!


now that you know more about the retreat,
we sure hope you'll join us!

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