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Here’s A Re-Cap
of What You’ll Get



1. The Monthly Edit

A super fun email that I get to send to all of you and where I can get to be, 100% myself! I will share all of the things that have tickled my fancy and it will be an opportunity for me to let loose and share cool stuff, just like I would to my best girl-pal. Coming to you in your Inbox on the 10th of every month!


2. In Good Company

A long-form podcast series where I interview an inspiring and interesting individual every month. It will be completely unscripted, raw and honest, and the aim is to let you feel that you are a part of the conversation with us. Each episode drops on the 20th of the month, In Sha Allah.


3. The Archives

Sent on 27th of the month, The Archives is a monthly intimate letter written exclusively for you, our Sustaining Supporter.

Each letter is a special edition, and at the end of the year, all 12 editions will be compiled into an e-book to be shared with you!

So, what now?

Just sit pretty and relax as we start sending you the goods straight to your Inbox on these dates -
every 10th for “The Monthly Edit”, every 20th for "In Good Company" and every 27th for "The Archives". Keep a lookout for an email from “AA Sustaining Supporters” - that’s me, your homegirl!

Alternatively, you can click on “Login” at the top right of our website and once you are logged in with your account details, you will be able to see all of the (past, present, future) exclusive content in one page!

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PS: You’re awesome!

But you should already know this. <3