February Edition - Celebrating The Firsts

Since this is our very first monthly edit, I thought it would be fun to share with you, all (if not, most), of my firsts! First childhood memory, first time I rebelled, first pay check, first “hijab” memory, first dib into business - you get the gist! 


April Edition - What I Know For Sure

Inspired by Oprah Winfrey’s book of the same title, I pondered upon what are some of the things I know for sure - truths that Allah SWT has been trying to teach me over and over again, because He knows that it’s for my best.

June Edition - I Don’t Want To, That’s Why I Need To

I banned all sort of "fluff" and "fake ra-ra cheer" this month so that I can bare it all and share with you 5 important moments in my life where I sorely needed to do something primarily because I absolutely did not want to do it.


March Edition - Life Is A Balancing Act

My mother’s #1 advice to me has always been to “be balanced, Aida. Work hard for this dunia, but also invest constantly in your Akhirah.” Which is why I’ve decided to write about how I try to balance my time, love, money and many other things!


May Edition - All About God’s Book

In light of Ramadhan, I shared candidly about my relationship with the Quran and how my relationship with it has changed over the years. I also shared 3 books that I’m currently reading that centres around this Sacred Book.