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The Power Of Email:
Learn How To Build
A Loyal Tribe
& Run A Business
From Anywhere In The World




Prior to AA/TSL, I used to run two other businesses that failed. It didn't work because I was doing it all wrong. I was too pre-occupied with making the products instead of putting in effort to build a solid community first. 

So before, what happened was:
Make A Product > Put It Up Online > Tried To Sell > Crickets

So with AA/TSL, I learned from my mistake and I reversed that equation.

I made sure to:
Build A Tribe > Serve The Sisters > Make A Product > Then Sell

Because the one very important lesson that I learned with my previous failed ventures was that my #1 priority as an entrepreneur should always be to serve


And the best way I
knew how to reach &
serve my community
was through E-Mails.


Of all the business courses I've seen being promoted online and offline, I've not found one that is focused on Email Marketing. Everyone is targeting Social Media or Web Design or everything else in between but not a lot of people are talking about how essential it is to build a community and to grow a mailing list.

Which surprises me because email is the only reason why I have managed to reach out to thousands of Sisters every single week, build a Sisterhood, and run a business, from anywhere in the world. 

The Power of Email
is our most comprehensive
"Share-All, Tell-All"
Class Yet.

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Because I know many who are already working on a side hustle, or are running a business or are even thinking of doing something independently in the comforts of your home in the near future, I thought it was important that we create a class where I can personally share everything I know about Email Marketing.

From the technical aspect, to growing your subscriber base and to selling your first product through Email, this 8 weeks online course will cover everything that you need so that you can build a loyal tribe and run a profitable business from anywhere in the world, In Sha Allah. 


The Power Of Email


Email Marketing has been regarded as the one thing that most entrepreneurs regret not focusing on. And rightly so.

Which is why for the past three years, we have been tirelessly working on building our mailing list - TSL's very own community of Sisters - to where it is now. This has given me the financial freedom and the ability to not only work from anywhere for myself, but to also be able to employ a small team of Sisters to work with us. 

Because we made building an E-Mail List a priority, we now have a tight-knit and loyal community readily available and simply waiting for our next launch of product or class that we've worked super hard on.

(Read how we made $16, 296 just from selling a Class through our E-Mail list here!)


Why You Need It


The Power of Email Class aims to equip you with the knowledge and technical know-how to grow and connect with a loyal and engaged audience - a valuable asset to have wether you are an Entrepreneur or a Creative. It is also a skill set that is advantageous to have on your CV and Resume as most trades and businesses are making the shift online. 

How It Works

he 8 Weeks Online course will be in the format of short, to-the-point Video lessons. Each week, we will cover one core module, and each core module will have about 3-5 short videos that have been easily segmented so you can cover a topic with ease and then take immediate action and implement it on your end.  

We will also have 24/7 Email Support, and the Video Lessons will be made available to you for life. You can also easily download these video lessons for easy accessibility in the future.

The Syllabus

Module 1:
The Foundations of
Email Marketing


  • Why Email: Psychology of Email

  • Long Term Success:

  • How Will Email Influence Your Business Plan

  • Building Confidence + Consistency:

  • The Two Important Factors To Start A Successful Email List

  • Email Marketing For Small Businesses

Module 2:
Getting People On Board


  • Choosing A Topic To Build Your Email List On
  • Finding Your Voice / Style When Writing
  • Choosing Your Ideal Audience
  • Finding The Right Offering To Get Subscribers
  • Creating Forms That Get People To Subscribe
  • Creating A Powerful Landing Page That Get Subscribers
  • How Email Marketing And Your Website Go Hand In Hand

Module 3:
Setting Up Mailchimp


  • What is Mailchimp
  • Setting Up Your Mailchimp Account
  • Welcome Email + Onboarding Process
  • Sending Emails Via Domain Websites
  • How To Avoid Being In Spam Folders
  • Building A Campaign
  • Creating A Template
  • Testing A Campaign
  • Scheduling A Campaign

Module 4:
Communicating With
Your List


  • How To Write Amazing Emails That Gets Opened + Read
  • Maintaining Quality Content For Your Newsletter
  • How To Get Engagement With Your Newsletters
  • What Makes A Campaign Successful: Analysing Open Rates
  • Emails And Ethics
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Module 5:
Growing Your Email List


  • Getting Your First 100 Email Subscribers
  • Getting Your First 1000 Email Subscribers
  • 25 Strategies To Build Your Email Subscribers

Module 6:
Selling With Email


  • Making $1000 selling your first product at 300 Subscribers
  • Story Telling + Selling = Success
  • The Importance Of Call To Action When Selling
  • The Importance Of Email Pacing When Selling

Module 7:
External Marketing
(Tying It All In)


  • Social Media + Email Marketing - How Does It All Relate

Module 8:
20 Minutes
Skype Consultation


  • We'll touch base with your progress on your mailing list and you can also take this opportunity to ask Aida + Team anything!

+ Bonus Material


All registered members get
access to our Get Unstuck &
Get Going Class
(worth $147).

The 'Get Unstuck and Get Going' is an Audio course with 7 lessons by Karim Boubker & Aida Azlin (AA co-founders). The course is designed to help you figure out how you can get out from the rut, how to beat the monotonous routine, how to uncover the "gift" that Allah has blessed all of us with and to simply start and get going so you can go out there and live your best-est life yet. Together with bonus, additional materials, the "Get Unstuck & Get Going" E-Course will, In Sha Allah help you to figure out your next step. 

The Get Unstuck & Get Going Class compliments perfectly with The Power Of Email Class and we thought it would be beneficial and valuable to our participants.

Here's what some of the girls are saying about The Get Unstuck & Get Going Class:

"Thank you for inspiring so many ladies to do what they're so afraid to do, and to take that very first step. For me, it was creating my own website and having my own domain - something I wasn't sure of until I signed up for the Get Unstuck and Get Going e-course. Alhamdulillah! My husband and I are also in the midst of creating something very exciting for our potential business. We had the inspiration and enthusiasm, but you and Karim gave us that final push."

 -H A

"What I love about the Get Unstuck e-course over at TSL, it is one of pure and sincere knowledge from Aida + Karim, imho. They are not selfish with the knowledge that they have, contents are well covered, with the fact that they went through all these and feedback, evaluations, contingencies and re-evaluation were made along the way. So ladies that signed up for this course was in a good place cos we have one of the best knowledge from experienced entrepreneurs. Besides that, DOUBLE yeayyy when it's in audio! Great for ladies like me that read emails late (hahah!). Listening to valuable knowledge on the go is YES YES YES for me! All in all, Aida + Karim links this practical knowledge to our Deen, with our Creator, readjusting our niat, giving thanks to Him for all the things that happened and believe in Him more than ever. TRIPLE YEAAYYYY."

- S N

What Will It Cost

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We wanted to pack this Class up with as much value and knowledge as possible and at the same time make it affordable. The Power of Email Class (+ Get Unstuck & Get Going + 20 Minutes Private Skype Consultation + 24/7 Email Support) will be available for 3 x Monthly Payments of SGD$147.

For as low as $4.90 a day, you will be able to learn everything about building, growing and selling with an Email List. We will take you through all the steps needed to set your list up the correct way, to make sure it's targeting the right people, writing the best content, so your emails actually get read. We will also be showing you how we use our own list so that you too can turn yours into your primary revenue generator. 

If you are set to seriously change the way you run your business and want to save time not making the same mistakes that we did, come join us in the class. We are capping it at 50 Members or closing registration on the 5/10/2016 (whichever is earlier) so we can give 100% attention and maximum support to each and every one of you. 



What The Girls Are Saying

"I have been keeping up with the Power of Emai class every morning ever since you started sharing them. Module by module, episode by episode, press play, rewind and repeat watching and listening to them, I must say, it has made each and every morning with you very fruitful, masha Allah. Each morning, I ensure that my handphone is fully charged to pull through my journey on Youtube with you. The Power of Email Class ave been an awesome gift wrapped in heartfelt sincerity and so much knowledge! I have certainl learnt A LOT from it. The Power of Email classes is oh-so-powerful, you lay out the class in such an organised manner, allowing me to follow every step you take and the content is so in depth. Such great guidance, Masha Allah. I didn't feel lost in between, even if i did, repeating the video have helped me clarify it."
- H. R

"I am so glad I psyched myself up to show up for the one-on-one consultation! It turned out to be so much more than I had expected; my doubts/questions about P.O.E have been clarified and you offered me a glimpse of a fresh perspective. What you said and shared truly touched me deep deep down. Masya'Allah! My apologies too that I had exceeded the one hour slot! It was so easy and comfortable to talk to you despite the fact this is the first time that we have sat down to talk. Syukran jazilan for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do the consult! I must say that it is definitely one of the best things about P.O.E.! Without a doubt!"
- Azlena A.