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Aida Azlin

Singaporean through and through, Aida currently resides in Tangier, Morocco. She runs full time while curiously immersing herself with learning, reading and writing about things she's strongly passionate about: her Deen, Entrepreneurship, Self-Worthiness & the importance of finding Balance. Her one sole purpose is to serve and equip ladies with the support and the skills that they need to pursue self betterment. She does this by championing Sisterhood and working closely with her community so that collectively, they can strive to become the best version of themselves, In Sha Allah.



Safiyah Moulana

Born in the island of Sri Lanka and raised in England, Safiyah is now in Wales studying for her legal career. But when she is not knee deep in books, she likes to take long walks, armed with her camera to bask in the beauty of all things real. She is a self-professed bathroom philosopher filled with hopeless wanderlust, forever in search of balance. And if she had to boil it down, she would say that her life philosophy is to live simply, in service to others and in turn - in service to Allah. 


Ruby Josephine Smith

Ruby is a contemporary choreographer who has been dancing her way around Tangier for the past 3 years. Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, she began traveling the world when she was 20 years old in search of inspiration and adventure, yet ended up discovering love in Morocco. She now works there to develop her passions by directing performances, teaching dance and yoga classes to women of all ages, and regularly writes and bakes cakes for her blog on creativity, food, & travel. Her intention in life is to never stop being motivated and curious- she is always exploring new interests, ideas, and reading any books she can get her hands on. You can read more about her life & stories at


Naeema Ismail

Naeema was born in Zimbabwe and moved to Australia with her family when she was 6 years old. After getting married and graduating from a Marketing degree she realised the corporate world was not for her. She used this time to develop her artistic talents and do the work she loves by starting NAYMA. A platform for her to share her hand-lettering and design work and to inspire and motivate her sisters all around the world to grow closer to their Lord. She now spends her days surrounded by paper and ink in her apartment in Sydney, Australia and wouldn’t have it any other way. She has plans to change the world, one hand-lettered quote at a time. You can see more of her work and read about her aspirations at

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Mariama Ahmed

Mariama Ahmed's passion lies deeply in learning and sharing the beautiful stories of people and their human experiences. She is actively engaged in her community in Toronto, where she was born and raised. Her parents immigrated to Canada in 1992 from Somalia. For the past 4 years, she has been immersed in studying the Quran alongside completing a BA in writing. She is currently enrolled in a course that teaches the in depth meanings of the Quran. She attends solely for the spiritual benefits because she believes self-reflection is the being of all things beautiful.