'This Is All I Have To Say' by Swapan Seth

'This Is All I Have To Say' by Swapan Seth


"This Is All I Have To Say" by Swapan Seth is more than a quintessential self-help guide. It is an ode to life. The nineteen chapters in the book deals with many issues related to life, love, success, friends, brotherhood, failure, parents, giving, peace, trust and more. His writing is simple yet lucid, precise, and profound and the entire text packs some solid reflections on life. The instances and events mentioned in the book are common ones, and for this reason, you are likely to stop and ponder as you reminisce about something similar in your life.

"5 years ago, I was in Mumbai’s airport waiting for my flight to Delhi when I picked up this book at one of the airport’s bookstore. At first glance, the book was charming, unassuming and graceful, all at the same time. I breathed in every thing that was written – it was beautiful, honest and raw, it’s wisdom truly arresting. I enjoyed 'This Is All I Have To Say' by Swapan Seth so much that I actually contacted him and told him I wanted to bring his book over to Singapore. He answered immediately and told me that he's down for a private book reading, and before I knew it, I gathered my closest friends in a cosy Ice Cream store in AMK and did one! The books sold out on that day itself and I knew I found a hit. :)" - A

Please note that the books that are available are heavily discounted as the books have slight stains on it but the content and the soul of the book remains well and intact. Please do not purchase if you are not comfortable with this.

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