Thriving in the Digital World with Kindness

Join Dr Murni, Aida and Neollene as they break down the tricky, but very do-able task of thriving on Social Media, but with grace and kindness. This 8-part Class will also cover a nice balance of theory and practical skills, so let's put our Social Media Maestro caps on and let's do this!

Lesson 1:
Intentions of Using Social Media


Lesson 2:
Adab of Using Social Media

Lesson 3:
Practicing Kindness + Avoiding Envy on Social Media

Lesson 4:
How To Build A Thriving + Engaged Community on Instagram

Lesson 5:
Using Photos + Videos To Tell A Meaningful Story

Lesson 6:
Using Instagram as Your Virtual Portfolio

Lesson 7:
How To Write Authentic Captions to Connect

Lesson 8:
Top 5 Apps To Use For IG Stories