Tuesday Love Letter Archive

Seoul Reflection #2: The Cure For When It All Gets Too Repetitive

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This May Possibly Be The Hardest Thing To Accept

I've never been this angry...

She laughed, as she told me her #1 man didn't believe in her.

What extinguishes sins, like water extinguishes fire?

Uber Conversations: On LGBTQ + War + The Importance of Telling Your Stories

Thoughts: When life is a constant waiting game.

"Girl, go wash your face" - A Lesson On Taking Back Control of Your Life

2:222 - If There Was One Thing I Wish For All Of Us...

Anyone Can Be Consistent - Including You <3

When You Just Can't Deal With Humans

Are you building a “home” or a “prison”?

The Power of Small

1+1=5 - How This "Equation" Gave Me Peace

Strong Women Don't Have Attitudes, They Have Standards

5 Life Truths that Soothed, Slapped and "Shookt" Me

Warning: Are you carrying a "table" on your back?

Bleeding it all out (+ how I make a living...)

People of gentleness do not just happen, they fought to become one.

This Is An Official Notification That You Are Awesome <3

It's Now Or Never, He Said.

My Flight Was Delayed For 6 Hours - And That's Why I'm Alive

The Last Love Letter of 2018

If You Don't Show Up, Life Won't Either

Am I Mipster (a Muslim Hipster)?

The Only Way I've Been Able To Write, Love, and Live.

Child-less, but Joy-full : A Realisation on Rezki

23/10/18: I need your help to show me this letter, if I ever....

In Case You Don't Know, You Are Her Role Model

Tales From Tangier: "Your heart is dead".

Exhausted And Betrayed, I Asked Myself This One Question...

What Living With 34 Girls Have Taught Me - A #AALadiesTakeOnSeoul Reflection

Be OK With The "Boredom" & The "Repetition" in Your Life

When The Whole World Is Against You - Lessons from Sayyidina Aishah RA

Does Your Words Kill, or Does It Give Life?

I Was Dead Tired Till I Met The Hello Kitty Man

I Don't Deserve Her

How To Love That One Person You Will Spend Your Life With

Tired, Alone & Hopeless, I Began To Seek Answers

Give Yourself The Permission To Breathe

Here's A Truth-Slap: Nothing Will Work Unless You Do

The Toxic "Why Me?" Mindset That We Can, And Should, Avoid

About Brenda: She Washed My Feet & Taught Me About Islam

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To The Girl Who Hates Me

Biggest Lessons I've Learnt In The Past 48 Hours

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You're going to want to see this. (Seriously) 

I Hope You'll Give Yourself The Permission To Struggle

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You Like The Girl On The Screen, But Not The Girl In Front Of The Mirror

For Every Relationship, Do These 3 Things

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A Love Letter From A "Hypocrite"

You Could Be Doing The Very Same Thing That Turns You Off

What I Learned From A Brief Exchange With A "BTS Army"

The Last Love Letter of 2017 (+ 12 More Hours)

Let's talk about money (A letter from my husband to you)

"You are not Alone, I Promise" + A Dedication to My Soulmate

In Case You Don't Know, You Are Her Role Model

A Confession: I am ashamed to admit this...

My Brain and Her Biased Views - A Winter Reflection

When A Good Deed Goes Unappreciated

Being OK With The "Not So OK" Things In Your Life

"How Do I Change Someone I Love?"

How Does Your ''CV / Resume'' Look Right Now?

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And Maybe... This Is Why I Write

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Blisters And Heels: The Strength of the Human Spirit

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But Really, What Are You Protecting The Most Right Now?

Your Real Other Half: The One About Nafs

The Hardest Lesson I'll Have To Learn (For Now)

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Every Pain Has A Purpose, Even This One You're Currently Going Through

If You Have A Brother/ Son / Nephew / Husband - Please Read

Let Me Introduce You To The Best Accountability Buddy, Ever

The 80 / 20 Rule: Which One Is True For You?

The Beauty In Waiting - A Personal Lesson

How Do You Find, When You Don't Seek?

Love, From Where I Stand