AA Plus

Ready to soak in some soul enriching content, have a whole lot of fun,
and be a part of an awesome girl-power crew all rooting for you?


This is the “e-home” for all of the monthly exclusive content that we’ve created just for you, our AA Plus Members! We hope you’ll enjoy them at your own pace and leisure, and make sure you’ll keep coming back for more ok? (Coz we’re always itching to create more awesome stuff for you!)


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Mini Bite Sized, Major Impact Online Classes

Every month, learn from Asatizahs, thought leaders and skilled instructors on topics that varies from Spirituality, Self-Development, and Skill-based themes. These classes are designed to be short, succinct, but highly effective.


AA Love
Letters Plus

Every 10th and 27th of each month, I’ll be sending out an exclusive love letter just for you - one that has a bigger focus on Spirituality and all the things I've learnt in my pursuit of striving to be closer to Him. This will be a space where I’ll bare it all.


In Good Company Podcast

A long-form podcast series where I will interview an inspiring and interesting individual or pairings every month! Completely unscripted, I hope that the episodes will make you feel that you are a part of the conversation too!


The AA Plus Community

This private FB Group is the heart of AA Plus! Join other like-minded Sisters from all over the world as we unite in our common pursuit of Self-Growth, being better Muslimahs, and supporting one another, all whilst having a ball of fun doing it!


AA Plus Book Club

Read discussions and reflections based on our ‘Book of the Month'!