Confessions of A Modern Muslimah



Being a Muslim has never been easy. And with all that’s going on in the modern world, things have only gotten harder for us ladies. So how do we stay true to our Muslim identities? Join Aida and Safiyah as they unravel some confessions of a modern Muslimah.

Episode Notes:

  1. Unite in the name of imperfection – realise that you are not in this alone.
  2. It’s okay to mess up – your shortfalls and mistakes do not negate your desire to please Allah.
  3. Why is it important to be a caller and not a judge?
  4. Uncover some actionables that’ll aid your path as a striving Muslimah.
  5. And finally join the girls as they take a look back at some of the greatest takeaways from the Season 1 of The Woman Up Podcast.