Diseases of the Heart


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Aida and Safiyah dive deep into matters of the heart. We all have one, but do we take as good a care of it as we can? The discussion touches on the centrality of the heart to the life of a Muslimah so join them as they contemplate the health of their hearts.

Episode Notes:

  1. Understand why this little lump of flesh is so important to your Muslim identity.
  2. Identify the blemishes that tarnish the purity of your heart.
  3. The first step to recovery is acceptance - listen in on some of their personal stories and struggles.
  4. What is the root cause of all these diseases?
  5. Say good riddance! – 5 ways through which you can guard and purify your heart. 

Definition of The Sick Heart by Al Ghazali

"This is a heart with life in it as well as illness. The former sustains it at one moment, the latter at another, and it follows whichever one of the two manages to dominate it. It has love for Allah, faith in Him, sincerity towards Him, and reliance upon Him, and these are what give it life. It also has a craving for lust and pleasure, and prefers them and strives to experience them. It is full of self-admiration, which can lead to its own destruction. It listens to two callers: one calling it to Allah and His Prophet (peace be upon him) and the Hereafter; and the other calling it to the fleeting pleasures of this world. It responds to whichever one of the two happens to have most influence over it at the time.  The first heart is alive, submitted to Allah, humble, sensitive, and aware; the second is brittle and dead; the third wavers between either its safety or its ruin."