10 Lessons To Carry Forward This Year



Moving forward into a new year must begin with looking back at the previous one. Aida and Safiyah discuss some of the lessons the past year has taught them; because of course in order to grow we must self reflect. And through this self reflection they speak of lessons they will be carrying forth to this new year.

  1. Sincerity, self-acceptance, and submission will take you far – learn how these three magic concepts will help you live a more peaceful existence.
  2. Why hard work and hustle should be one of your biggest mottos for the New Year.
  3. Discover how a change of perspective is all it takes to turn failure into victory – it’s all in the way you see it girls.
  4. Company, company, company – realise the power of good company but also the beauty of your own company.
  5. Is H.U.G-ing and K.I.S.S-ing really something you should be doing more of this year?