How To Live Your Most Creative Life


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Often times we think of being creative as something reserved only for artists and those with natural talent. In reality, it is something universal that we can all apply to our daily routines. How do we define creativity and why is it such an important practice? Aida and Ruby talk about how they strive to stay creative and offer up ideas on how we can all live more creative and mindful lives.

Episode Notes:

  1. Defining creativity as a broad concept that encompasses curiosity, observation and more.

  2. Why is it so important to be creative? Discover how it can enhance your daily life.

  3. Tackling common misconceptions of being creative, such as how it is something that is hard or “just for artists.”

  4. Addressing the universal fear of “I am not good at anything.”

  5. And 5 suggestions of how to incorporate creativity into your day to day.