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Your friends will either make you or break you, have you taken a close look at who you surround yourself with? Do you have male friends? In this episode Aida and Naeema discuss the importance of having a #girlgang and the many benefits that come with surrounding yourself with sisters who share the same goals as you. 

Episode Notes:

  1. Taking a look at the Story of Musa AS that depicts the perfect example of how to interact with the opposite gender. 
  2. Debunking the 3 most common reasons for having male friends.
  3. Reasons why you’ll actually prefer having an all girl gang.
  4. Aida and Naeema share their personal stories of letting go of their male friends and finding their #girlgangs and how it has impacted their life.
  5. And 5 actionable ways to get through the process of letting go off your male friends and finding that #girlgang.