Of Babies + Infertility



Do you ever find yourself thinking, “Everyone around me is getting pregnant, why aren’t I?” Maybe you just got married, maybe you’ve been married for 20 years or even only for 2. In this episode Aida and Naeema delve into what’s usually a taboo topic; because you aren’t the only one who’s had that thought. 

Episode Notes: 

  1. Getting back to the core and really pondering on the real reason why you want to be pregnant. Is it because everyone around you is getting pregnant?
  2. How to accept Allah’s decree and be content with not having children (yet inshAllah!)
  3. Addressing the well meaning family and friends who are constantly asking when you’ll be having a baby.
  4. Reflecting on stories in the Qur’an that deal with infertility and children being gifts from Allah. 
  5. 5 ways to find happiness and contentment in not being able to have children yet, and some extra tips for someone who has a friend who isn’t getting pregnant.