Social Media & Its Impact on Us Muslimahs


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Aida and Safiyah have a candid conversation about Social Media. Exploring its perks and downfalls and sharing their personal experiences with this 21st century tool. Is it good? Is it bad? It sure is powerful. Join them as they discuss some actionables to ensure that you keep sane in this time of social media madness.

Episode Notes:

  1. Yay or Nay? Is social media good or bad for you? Uncover the importance of keeping open minded about the tool.
  2. The ugly filter – social media and self-image. 
  3. Behind the screens – listen in on the confessions of two social media users.
  4. Realise the importance of God-consciousness in real life and in your virtual reality.
  5. And learn how to take control – 5 actionable steps on how to unshackle yourself from the machine and take back the key.