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I'm Aida Azlin

A writer, entrepreneur and a proud believer fiercely committed to serving you to become the best version of yourself. 

Every Tuesday, I send out my well-beloved, personally hand-crafted Love Letters to over 60,000 Sisters all around the world, and I'd love for you to be a part of that & join the family.



What We Do

From 50 girls to 100, to now a community of 400,000+
Based between Singapore, Morocco & the U.K

This site, and our life's work, is 100% dedicated
to equipping you to grow through knowledge, 
shine through purpose, and to inspire us all
to stand tall in our own completion.



How We Roll

We are not embarrassed to publicly
declare our love for the ladies who are on
our mailing list. Which is why we only launch
 + open our classes / tours exclusively to the Sisters
who have subscribed.

We also give the ladies on our mailing list
exclusive access to my well-beloved, personally
hand-crafted Love Letters every Tuesday.

We'd hate for you to miss out on all the fun.




Party In Your Inbox!

When you sign up to our newsletter, you'll get: 

✓First dibs on all of our Classes + Tour Launches
✓ Exclusive access to The Tuesday Love Letters
✓ Access to a close-knit community of like-minded,
super-awesome Sisters from all over the world
✓ And so much more + a whole lot of good vibes!



What The Girls Are Saying


I just happened to watch your videos and I couldn't stop from one episode to another!

- Fazz

Your voice in your letters is like light, illuminating many shady areas in many sisters’ hearts, including mine. I often find myself inspired, motivated and uplifted whenever I get to the end of the mail.

- Fas

Thank you very much for all your videos. Whenever I'm feeling down and feel that I've drifted away from Allah, your video gave me a thousand reasons on why I shouldn't feel that way.

- Fhareha

 Every week, I can't wait to receive your love letter. I remember waking up for Fajr, and smiling brightly as there was a notification of your email on my lockscreen.

- Najwa

Thank you for being a wonderful teacher. You didn't know how much your lessons have empowered a work-at-home mother like me.

- Farah

I have never experienced such a joyous customer/vendor relationship before. I don’t even feel like a customer. I feel like all of you are my sisters!

- syafiqah s

I want to read Aida's letters over & over as it reminds me of who I am. I’m Allah’s.





so now that you know a little bit about us...

Come Join The Sisterhood


With your support, we can grow in strength, spread positivity + good vibes while equipping ladies to collectively become the best version of themselves. We'd be honoured for you to join us, In Sha Allah!